My Story

My name is Maryann (MaryDee is a play on my name), I am a huge dessert foodie and I loooooooove to bake!!!

I have been a passionate self taught baker since 2008, studying all the pastry books I could get my hands on and creating desserts for family to taste test over the years. After my second child, I gained am interest in using wholefoods and decided to incorporate it into my desserts.

I then started Marydee Foodie to showcase the delicious qualities of baking with natural & organic ingredients. All the desserts I have created for my customers are packed with nutrient dense ingredients, that I have incorporated into baking your usual tasty treats and made it taste amazing!

Being a mother of 5 children, I know how it is when all they want is sweets and I don’t like to deny them(or myself) that indulgence 😉 I have created my desserts to taste more than amazing, with absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives and over 70% organic.

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Premium Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients are used in all our desserts.

Our main ingredients are organic Spelt flour, organic rapadura sugar and organic couverture chocolate.

We only use the best vanilla ever, Heilala vanilla extract (alcohol free). This vanilla is so aromatic and full of that creamy vanilla flavour.

All of our add ins are 100% natural, such as our Dandies vanilla marshmallows. You wont find any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in our sweet treats.


All our desserts are individually handcrafted in very small batches. Our recipes are all developed and perfected over months in our kitchen. I can guarantee you wont find another dessert that tastes like ours 😉

Each chocolate bar has been measured and hand cut. Then individually dipped in tempered organic chocolate.

Each cookie has been individually weighed, filled with the good stuff and then hand rolled to perfection.

All our brownies are made in batches of 12, filled with all the good stuff, then baked in 12 individual cases and topped with more goodies.

All made right here in Melbourne, by a Female owned and run business. xx

Let’s have a chat!

I’m always happy to have a chat. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.