My Story

My name is Maryann (MaryDee is a play on my name) and yes i am a dessert foodie!

Desserts have always had a special place in my heart, going back waaaaay before my wholefood days. I have been a passionate, self taught baker for the past 12 years and started creating regular desserts to satisfy my baking itch.

My inspiration/passion for baking stems from the colourful and intrinsic characteristics of french patisserie. Going back to the beautiful desserts of Marie Antoinette days, then following through to my inspiration of Pierre Hermes beautiful creations. My desserts are in no way close to french patisserie, but the teachings and elements are used in my recipes.So that is where i initially attained my inspiration to begin my baking journey and then followed through with my new found passion by building my bookshelf with a whole heap of educational pastry arts books. I have also read countless amounts of dessert blogs, tried desserts from pretty much every culture and i love anything that is considered unusual or “outside the box”.

It all began…

After i had my 2nd child in 2013, i took at turn to wholefoods and immediately become engrossed with all this new information on all these wonderful nourishing unrefined ingredients. Of course that’s when my journey into creating clean treats (that didn’t compromise on taste) began. I must say though, i do have a flexible way of consuming my desserts and still occasionally indulge in those delicious french pastries!

Made with love…

My treats are made with mostly organic, wholefood ingredients, that contain no artificial ingredients. I have made a variety of desserts to suit different diets, so that many people can enjoy.

All my desserts are hand made (with love) by me in Melbourne, using premium quality ingredients, to maximise the intensity and complexity of all the flavours.

I truly hope my desserts give you a pleasant and memorable experience!

Maryann xx

I love to create…

My ambition for creating MaryDee Foodie, was to be able to provide everyone delicious desserts, while still being conscious of the ingredients in them and without compromising on taste. The treats I make are all about the flavours and textures that I personally love and that pretty much represent me.

Let’s have a chat!

I’m always happy to have a chat. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.